Artisans wanted in our Waterloo Store!

We are excited to announce that we are opening a 2nd location at the Waterloo Premium Outlets!  We are in Suite 9, which is 3 doors down from Nike, and we are on the same side as the food court.  Eddie Bauer is moving to our side of the mall as well, and will be a couple doors down on the other side.  Corning Kitchenware is 2 doors down as well.  Our new space is 3,000 square feet (current store in Victor is just under 1,000 sq ft).   We also have a huge stockroom in the back to hold extra stock if you wish, to cut down on trips to the mall.

Benefits to being at the outlet mall:

  • There is lots of foot traffic!   They get bus loads from Canada a lot on the weekends too.
  • We will be open 7 days a week, whenever the mall is open.   This is more than double the hours we are open in Victor.
  • Artisans will NOT have to work in the store, there will be paid employees.
  • In most cases, vendor spaces will be larger than we have in Victor.
  • I collect and file all sales taxes for the store.
  • The outlet mall’s peak season is August, when people are on vacation and traveling – they see the outlet mall from both directions.  Also, a very heavy time for back to school shopping.
  • I’ve been told recently that people only go to the outlet mall for “bargains”.  This is simply untrue.  People who live out in the Waterloo area (which is my home town, by the way) – they shop the outlet mall because there are NO other local places to shop other than Walmart.  There are no other department stores or specialty stores.  They would have to travel to Auburn or Syracuse, which is a haul.  So another reason the outlet mall gets so much traffic.
  • There was a store “similar” to ours in the mall recently.  However, the owner did allow direct sales items, garage sale items, used items, etc  in there as well as crafters.  I’m told she was evicted from the mall for various reasons I won’t get into.  But I’ve been contacted by many of her ex-vendors who have said if I open a store at the outlet mall for artisans again, they definitely want back in because they had excellent sales at the mall.
  • If you are vendor in my Victor store, and the outlet mall is a long drive for you, you can drop off your items in Victor and I would be happy to bring your stock to the Waterloo store to save you trips to the outlet mall. 
  • All of my vendors get live sales sheets, so you can click on them and see your sales at any time.   This way you always know what you need to restock, and what your balance is.  If you are in both stores, you will have 2 columns on your sales sheet – one for Victor and one for Waterloo, so you can see where you are getting the most sales.  If you remain in just Victor, then your sales sheet will not change.
  • We will have an area for classes!  So if you want to teach a class in your craft, you will be able to.
  • We will have lots of events and those of you who are in my Victor store know that I advertise the store & my vendors very heavily and have a large social media presence.

We are getting ready to start working on repairing/removing/cleaning the flooring, doing a deep cleaning, and painting the entire store.  So we have our work cut out for us before we begin to move in artisans.

All “like” items will be together in the store.  For example – there will be a section for pottery, a section for baby products, a section for pet products, etc.  If you sell different types of products – for example, doll clothing and dog apparel, then your doll clothing will be in with the kids products section and the dog apparel will be in the pet products section.  The spaces below will give you an example for “measurement” purposes of how much product you can display in the store.  Your rent is for this much space in the store. 

There are going to be a few different types of vendor spaces.

First, there are built-in shelving areas on all 3 walls.  They measure 35″ wide by 90″ tall for the taller ones, and 45″ tall for the shorter ones.   We are also having many shelves being built for these units. The space rent is going to be $50 for the shorter ones, and $75 for the taller ones.  Wall space will also be available to hang artwork.

Next, we will have these black pegboard shelving sections.  You can use shelves or take advantage of the peg hooks behind it.   Most of them will be 4′ high and 4′ wide, some will have shelving up to 6′ high by 4′ wide.  If you want 1/2 of a 4′ wide x 4′ high section, rent will be $50.  Full 4 x 4 section will be $85.  For 1/2 of a 6′ high x 4′ wide section, rent is $65, for a full 6′ x 4′ section, rent will be $100.

There will also be 3 large slatwall gondolas, which will be 8′ long by 4′ wide and have large bases to place things on the bottom.  The rent pricing will be the same as the pegboard.

There are also 18 ladder racks available in the middle of the store.  You can rent out 2 shelves on a ladder rack for $25/mo or you can rent the whole thing for $50.

There will be a 6-month minimum lease on all spaces except for the $25 shelf spaces.  Those have a minimum of 3-months.  You only pay for your first month up front.  Rent for future months will be deducted from your previous month’s sales.  If there is not enough to cover rent, you would owe the difference.

All vendors get paid via check or Paypal (your preference) at the end of every month.

Any questions?  email me at and please put your business name in the subject.

Would you like to apply to be in the store?  Please fill out the form below!  I will be going over applicants in the next couple of weeks.